15 Amazing Things That Happen When You Give Up Diet Culture

Diet culture is a real you-know-what.

We’ve shared examples of how pervasive it is, and how it can sneak in — even when you don’t realize it. And how much diet culture goes hand-in-hand with white supremacy and racism.

Top 15 Reasons to Explore Diet Culture

There are a million reasons why you should kick diet culture to the curb. But here are 15 of the best reasons why it doesn’t deserve a place in your life (or anyone else’s).

1. You have more energy for the stuff that matters.

This is the biggest and best reason to give up diet culture. Quite simply, when you give it up, you better align with your soul purpose because all of that energy that was going to dieting, restricting, and obsessing? Well, it can go to much more important things — like fighting for racial equality, having courageous conversations with loved ones, and showing up in ways that the world needs us to now more than ever.

2. Ordering food (and eating it) is fun.

Imagine just ordering the food you want to enjoy and not the food you think you “should” have? How freeing is that?!

3. You enjoy moving your body.

No longer are workouts about burning calories or “fixing” some area of your body. (Spoiler: You don’t need fixing.) Instead, workouts are just about feeling good.

4. You feel gratitude for your body.

You no longer punish yourself or your body for not looking like some B.S. made-up ideal. U feel solid in your body — and are amazed at what it does for you every single day.

5. You have more money.

Because, yes, all those diet plans, workout challenges, books, weight-loss shakes, supplements, and gimmicky infomercial purchases sure add up.

6. You enjoy life more.

You weren’t put here to worry about your weight or the number on the scale. Period.

7. You dress for yourself — not your body type.

The only trend or fashion rule you follow is wearing what you love and what makes you feel good.

8. You stop trying to shrink in other areas.

Because you deserve to Take. Up. Space.

9. You become more intuitive.

As you begin to listen to and follow your intuition when it comes to food and exercise, it’s common to begin to get intuition hits about other areas of your life such as relationships, your career, and more.

10. You wake others up.

There’s a ripple effect when you break down diet culture in your own life. By refusing to participate in it, you can help open other people’s minds to see it for what it is — and show them a better way of being. Even if you don’t talk about it — and even if you don’t think anyone is noticing how you’re changing — others (consciously or not) pick up on it.

11. Your self-worth comes from deep within.

You know you’re more than a body. And, that you are worthy exactly as you are.

12. You become a role model.

All of a sudden, people get real curious about what your doing (or no longer doing) and why. Don’t be surprised if they start looking up to you and saying you inspire them. Those with kids in their lives: this is especially important as there’s no more important role model than you!

13. You trust yourself.

After all, there’s no better expert on you, than you.

14. You go to the beach and pool without a damn cover-up.

And, it feels AWESOME.

15. You wonder what took you so long.

You live by this Maya Angelou quote in all areas of your life: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

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